Silvera for Seniors

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Background & Studies

Glamorgan History

The Glamorgan site began construction in 1964 and included a lodge and cottages. The site was decommissioned in 2000 and its residents were offered homes in the newly-built Aspen Lodge.

According to Calgary Herald archives in an article dated May 29, 1978:

  • Elbow Valley Lodge board decided to abandon a matron’s policy that senior female residents could not wear pant suits.
  • Ald. Sue Higgins against the decision to allow unmarried seniors to live together in MCF accommodations.
  • MCF Administrator Dave Turner was also against the decision: “I’m against it. I think that any promiscuity in the lodges should be closely watched.”
  • Ald. Barb Scott and Ald. Gordon Shrake overruled Higgins.
  • Higgins: “We’ve reached the stage where we believe old people are so unimportant that we don’t care about their morals.”


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