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What is happening on Silvera’s site in Glamorgan?

Silvera for Seniors and Horizon Housing Society — two well-established not-for-profit organizations in Calgary — are working together to redevelop the land next to Silvera’s Westview community. The goal is to create more affordable housing for low-income seniors and Calgarians in need. New housing opportunities are important in Calgary where affordable homes are increasingly harder to find.

What is the location?

Silvera’s land is located at 5050 – 50 Ave. S.W. (formerly 5045 – 45 St. S.W.), adjacent to Glenmore Trail, the site is made up of 9.5 acres of land next to its Westview community seniors’ residence.

What is the vision?

The vision is to create a vibrant and connected community. The site plan, including building locations, pathways, streets and park space, is in the early stages. In addition to residential uses, there will be amenities that support residents, both those who live in the new units as well as those living in the broader community.

Who are the owners and development partners?

Silvera owns the entire parcel on the north side of Glenmore Trail, from the existing Westview community to 45th Street SW, and it will be the developer and operator of the new seniors’ facilities. Horizon Housing is partnering with Silvera to purchase a parcel of that land on which to build affordable housing for families.

Who is Silvera for Seniors?

Silvera for Seniors has more than 50 years of experience providing quality living that’s affordable for more than 1,500 lower-income Calgary seniors. As a charitable not-for-profit, Silvera operates and manages 26 communities in all four quadrants of Calgary and takes pride in the concept of building communities within communities for its residents.

In Glamorgan, Silvera built the Westview community in 1996 to create a caring community for 135 lower-income seniors where the focus is on an independent living with more supports environment in which meals, services and activities are provided. The Glamorgan site began construction in 1964 and included two lodges and 60 cottages.

Who is Horizon Housing?

Horizon Housing is also a not-for-profit organization that has provided affordable, integrated and supported homes to more than 700 individuals in Calgary since 1976. The Society serves tenants with a variety of special needs including individuals living with mental health challenges, physical disabilities, families and seniors living below the poverty line and the working poor.

Next door to Silvera’s Westview community is the Bob Ward Residence (5010 50 St. S.W.), which is owned and operated by Horizon Housing. Since it opened in 2003, Horizon Housing has successfully offered 60 units of affordable housing to Calgarians with mental health challenges, plus those with brain injuries and physical disabilities, homeless individuals and families and the working poor.

What is the permitted use for this land?

The City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw controls building height to a maximum of four storeys. In addition, the current land use/zoning permits multifamily development made up of 565-600 living units.

How long will it take to build?

The design and site preparation work will start within the next few months, followed by the City approval process and then construction. We anticipate the entire process will take two to five years.

Is the site safe for redevelopment?

Geotechnical and environmental assessments have been completed and the site does not require further investigation related to environmental conditions.

Will the trees be retained?

The site was heavily impacted by the September 2014 snowstorm and Silvera completed a tree assessment prior to removal of damaged trees. Where possible, trees were and will be retained, but redevelopment of the site will require significant tree removal. A tree inventory will be completed and the City will require replacement planting. Silvera is looking forward to incorporating landscaping that is not only attractive, but is functional and accessible. Both Silvera and Horizon vision a beautiful development that includes green space and trees for everyone to enjoy.

Will the construction of the southwest ring road impact the project?

Silvera has had initial discussions with the Province’s Major Capital Projects Branch (Transportation) to request that the planned closure of 45th Street SW at Glenmore Trail occur later in the construction of the ring road. There seems to be a willingness on the part of this Provincial Branch to keep 45th Street open to Glenmore to accommodate heavy truck traffic to and from the Glamorgan reconstruction.

Will transit service be part of your planning?

Transit is important to the community as well as to the residents and staff of the new buildings, and we will work with Calgary Transit toward enhancing regular service. As such, Calgary Transit planners will be invited to participate in the process.
As part of the planning process, Silvera and Horizon want to work with the community to ensure adequate transit to support both the current residents at Silvera’s Westview community and those we will welcome once the development is complete.

How much noise and disruption will there be?

Silvera will work with the contractors to ensure that Westview and Glamorgan residents experience as little disruption as possible. We will keep you informed of any disruptions that may occur. Your safety is important, so please follow all safety precautions posted.

What is going to happen in 2015?

Preliminary planning has begun and Silvera and Horizon Housing will work with the Glamorgan Community Association and residents to finalize the plans. Together, they are committed to building relationships with community residents, engaging community residents in planning the development of the land, moving forward in a timely way and contributing to the community as good neighbours.

During the latter part of 2015, the road layout and utilities will be finalized, subdivision will be completed and some infrastructure work may be started. Finalization of the road layout will include discussions with and approvals from the City of Calgary on appropriate access and egress locations.

Will there be residential opportunities for me in the new development?

We will have more details as to how to apply to live in the new buildings closer to when construction is complete. It is being built with the needs of Glamorgan residents in mind and we would encourage you to apply at that time.

What happens to the residents of Westview?

Silvera is excited that Westview will become integrated into this new development where there will be more opportunities and experiences for Westview residents.

Will community residents be informed and involved in the planning? And how do I get involved?

In addition to working with the community association, public meetings and door-to-door discussion will enrich the dialogue. Silvera and Horizon Housing are committed to communication and engagement and looks forward to working with the community leadership and residents.

Please watch the Glamorgan website and newsletter for information and dates of meetings.
Silvera’s website is at
We are interested in your thoughts about what would make this a great community for you.
You can send feedback to
Also we ask that you help us be a good neighbour and report incidents of littering, dumping of garbage, etc. on the property to the City of Calgary call centre at 3-1-1.

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