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September, 2017


Follow this link to find the latest updates about the status of planning for Silvera’s newest community development in southwest Calgary – Silvera at Glamorgan.

Silvera at Glamorgan Updates

Who is Silvera?

Silvera for Seniors is a not-for-profit organization that provides secure, affordable housing with a continuum of support services to seniors in Calgary.

Where else does Silvera operate?

Silvera has more than 50 years of experience providing affordable housing for seniors in 25 communities in all four quadrants of Calgary. The facilities offer supported living including memory care, as well as self-contained apartments.  Rental rates are based on income.

Who is funding this project?

A portion of the funding will come from the Resolve Campaign and additional funding will be provided by the Province of Alberta. In addition, partnerships with private developers are being explored.

Masterplan and Vision

What is Silvera proposing for this site?

The Silvera Board approved a new Master Plan for the site east of the existing Westview community. Silvera would like to develop the vacant lands as a residential community that provides seniors’ housing and services, as well as multi-generational housing.

What is the Master Plan Vision?

The vision is to create a vibrant campus connected to the community. Seniors’ housing will be on the west portion connected to Westview and multi-generational housing is proposed for the eastern portion of the site. There will also be amenities that support senior residents as well as residents of the new units and those living in the broader community.

How does the plan take advantage of the grade?

The site has a grade change of about 10 meters from the highest point (NE) to the lowest point (SW). This plan proposes to integrate the buildings into the grade. This concept also includes walkways designed to reduce the need to walk up and down the hill to connect the senior’s buildings.

Land Use

What is the proposed land use district?

It is proposed that the land be designated a Direct Control (DC) district. Direct Control districts are used in unique scenarios when there isn’t an existing land use district in the Land Use Bylaw that allows for the development vision of the site. The proposed DC is based on Multi-Residential High Density Low Rise (M-H1) in the Land Use Bylaw.

Why a Direct Control District?

The Direct Control District is divided into multiple development “sites” or “cells”. This is largely due to a significant change of grade of approximately 10 meters from the northeast corner to the southwest corner.

The District will limit building height based on where it is on the site:

  • maximum building height adjacent to existing single-family housing will be 16 or 20 meters based on location.
  • maximum building height adjacent to Glenmore Trail will be 26 meters

The requested DC zoning will permit community access to commercial and retail uses, allowing the local residents to access services offered to Silvera seniors. It also specifies a 3-meter setback along the northern property line, reducing shadows and enhancing privacy.

Building Height, Shadowing and Views

How high are the buildings going to be?

The allowable maximum building heights are based on adjacency to single family homes and where the buildings are located on the hill. The tallest allowable building height is 16 meters adjacent to the single-family homes and 26 meters adjacent to Glenmore Trail SW.

How will the shadows affect my property?

The project team completed a shadow study illustrating the potential shadowing by the buildings allowed by the proposed land use. Larger massing is located lower on the hill, minimizing shadowing of neighbouring backyards or homes between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on September 21st, June 21st and March 21st (the dates required by the City of Calgary).

Services and Amenities

Why does the Direct Control District include commercial uses?

Silvera offers services that are restricted to Silvera residents. By including commercial uses, Silvera at Glamorgan can offer these services to neighbouring community members.

What type of commercial services will be offered?

Silvera already offers commercial services to their residents that may include wellness and recreational programming, tuck shop, coffee shop, bistro, community meeting and performance space, hair salon, education facilities, and medical clinics.


How long does the land use re-designation process take?

It is anticipated the application process with the City will take approximately 4-6 months. The anticipated date of construction is unknown to the project team at this time

Density & Housing

What type of housing is proposed?

Silvera at Glamorgan intends to develop supported living including memory care, as well as self-contained apartments and multi-generational housing.


Where is parking located?

Parking allocation, location and access will be finalized at the development permit stage. The intent is to locate most parking underground. A small allocation of surface-level parking will be provided for the retail/commercial component and for visitors.

The total number of parking stalls will be determined at the detailed design stage. The total number of parking stalls will be determined through the development permit stage.

Are you asking for any relaxations in parking?

It is standard for relaxations to be requested for seniors’ and affordable housing as car ownership is low.  The commercial services are intended for local residents and neighbours reducing the numbers of visitors arriving by car.


Have you considered the negative impact extra traffic will have on the neighbourhood?

As part of the application process, a Transportation Engineering firm completed a Transportation Impact Study. These studies rely of City of Calgary metrics and data.

A large portion of the new residents are seniors and have a very low car ownership and vehicular use rate. The transportation impact study applied very conservative assumptions (assuming many more cars than is likely) and found minimal impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. As the campus develops there may come a point where the number of new vehicles would trigger an upgrade to the intersection at 45 Street and 46 Avenue SW.

Will 45 St. SW be closed at Glenmore Trail?

Ring Road construction will close 45 St. SW at Glenmore Trail SW. This closure will change traffic patterns in the neighbourhood. The transportation impact study included these anticipated changes in traffic patterns within the findings of the study.

Will there be transit to the site?

While Calgary Transit hasn’t committed to extending services to the site, Silvera is continuing discussions to bring transit to the site; and the Silvera at Glamorgan Masterplan includes bus zones. 50 Ave. SW was designed to accommodate bus service.

Infrastructure (past/present/future)

Can the existing infrastructure handle the new development?

Much of the infrastructure serving this site (sanitary, storm, and water lines) was upgraded in 2017 when 50th Ave. SW was constructed.

The City of Calgary requires a series of pre-development studies that determine the impact future development on the greater infrastructure network and whether upgrades will be required. The studies follow City metrics and are reviewed by City engineers. Silvera completed all the requested studies and no further upgrades are required.

The City also requires an offsite levy from developers to offset the costs of future upgrades to infrastructure as the city builds out.

Will this development cause run off?

All stormwater runoff will be managed onsite with a stormwater pond on the SE corner of the property. This pond is envisioned to be a naturalized space that adds value to the existing landscaping of the campus. All buildings will include stormwater capture systems that slowly releases captured water into the pond.


What will happen to the trees on site?

The site was heavily impacted by the September 2014 snowstorm and Silvera completed a tree assessment prior to removal of damaged trees. Redevelopment of the site will require significant tree removal. Silvera intends to incorporate landscaping that is attractive, functional and accessible.

Will you be incorporating any park space?

The Master Plan envisions a connected and cohesive site that is walkable for all members of the community and provides ample greenspace. Both publicly accessible and private outdoor space will be provided for residents and community members. A network of internal and external pathways and corridors will run throughout the site and connect to buildings and the neighbourhood, while minimizing the steep grade for those with mobility constraints. A full landscape plan will be prepared at the development permit phase.

What will happen to the wildlife?

A construction management plan will be required at the development permit phase. This plan will include timing construction around bird nesting times and completing a thorough wildlife check.

Future Engagement

The project team will continue to notify the community about the progress of our application through our engagement website

Horizon Construction

What work is taking place on the Horizon site?

Construction crews have completed the foundation for the main building and townhouses, and have begun framing the buildings.

When will the Horizon project be completed?

The completion date is estimated to be October 1 2018.

Please watch the Glamorgan website and newsletter for information and dates of meetings.
Silvera’s website is .

We are interested in your thoughts about what would make this a great community for you.
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Also, we ask that you help us be a good neighbour and report incidents of littering, dumping of garbage, etc. on the property to the City of Calgary call centre at 3-1-1.

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