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Project Updates

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Silvera for Seniors is excited to begin preparing the Elbow Valley site for redevelopment. Site clearing and grading, installation of underground utilities including storm, water and sanitary services and the development of a temporary access road are all required before any development can begin. The future 50 Ave. SW running parallel to Glenmore Trail will be completed at a later date.

Beginning in early September you will notice the following activities on the site:
• Surface markings, including laneway marking by Alberta First Call;
• Movement of heavy equipment on to the site;
• Site clearing, including removal of some trees, grading and fencing;
• Stockpiling of earth and fill materials;
• Construction of a new temporary road; and
• Access trenches for the underground utilities.

If the weather is favorable, WHISSELL Contracting Ltd. anticipates work will be completed by early November.

As this work is being done, please note the following:
• For your safety, please do not enter the fenced-off construction areas.
• Contractors will follow City of Calgary’s standards for dust and noise.
• It is anticipated work will be done during daytime hours, and follow
City standards of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays.
• Trucks that haul materials to and from the site will be covered.

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Sept. 23

Contractors for Silvera for Seniors will be testing the soils in the lane to the rear of the homes on Glamorgan Cres. SW. on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Resident notice – Geotechnical drilling.

Jun. 17

Silvera for Seniors and Horizon Housing Society invited the community to an Elbow Valley Redevelopment Workshop at Glamorgan Community Association. Attendees had the opportunity to work together to identify the issues and concerns that are important to the community. Silvera and Horizon also answered their questions about the redevelopment. Representatives from the City of Calgary’s Planning & Development Department and Calgary Transit attended and were available to provide information and answer questions.

Mar. 16

Silvera for Seniors and Horizon Housing Society invited the community to an Elbow Valley Redevelopment Information Session at Glamorgan Community Association to discuss Presentation Boards with a draft layout of the redevelopment.


Nov. 15

Damaged trees from September winter storm are cleared away. Trees are assessed by an arborist to detrmine which trees are salvageable and which trees require removal removal or pruning.

Nov. 1

CANA completes abatement and demolition work.

May 26

CANA has nearly completed the abatement process. The demolition is expected to start on May 28 and last one month.

March 21

Demolition and removal of cottage debris and foundations occur.

Jan. 30

CANA Construction is hired to start work on removing what is inside the cottages.

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