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Gilchrist History

Gilchrist Manor & Gardens

Gilchrist Manor and Gilchrist Gardens came into the Silvera portfolio of properties on June 1, 2009. There were a total of 69 suites on the Gilchrist Site (all independent living suites – 49 in Gilchrist Manor and 20 in the Gardens, which were cottage suites). The 20 units of Gilchrist Gardens were former 1988 Winter Olympic media residences.

This community was built in the 1970s, and was originally managed by the Eastbow Seniors’ Housing Authority, which was a management body that resulted from the collaboration of three NE Calgary United churches (Robert McClure, Forest Lawn and Renfrew). During the 1990s, Eastbow merged with another seniors’ housing management body, Southwood, to create Southbow. In the late 2000s, this merged organization decided to dissolve after many years of successful operation. As a result, Southbow approached the provincial government and asked that they transfer the management of three facilities that they operated (Gilchrist Manor, Gilchrist Gardens and Austin H. Nixon Manor) to another management body.

The Province (Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs) then approached Silvera in the spring of 2009 to take over management of the Gilchrist Site and Austin Nixon.

Gilchrist Gardens (cottage suites) were decommissioned in 2010, and the residents were offered homes at either Gilchrist Manor or the newly-opened Willow Park on the Bow in Bridgeland.

Expansion of the Gilchrist site

In February 2012, the Province announced a $20 million expansion to the Gilchrist Site. As NE Calgary and in particular the community of Pineridge is under-served with seniors’ affordable housing, this was a welcome announcement. As part of this expansion, there will be 61 new independent suites built, as well as 60 new supportive living suites. Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring/summer of 2013 and be complete towards the end of 2014.

When the Gilchrist Site is complete, it will provide a total of 170 affordable suites for seniors in the NE. There will be 110 independent living suites and 60 supportive living suites.

Phase 1 will include the construction of 61 new independent living one-bedroom suites. Phase 2 will include the construction of 60 new supportive living suites.

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