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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding Phase 1

Where are we in the Construction Schedule of Phase 1?

We anticipate having the roof on the building by mid-April, after which the interior finishing will begin. The building is scheduled to be completed by October of 2015.

How many new suites are currently being built?

61 Independent Living suites. In Independent Living, residents are able to look after their daily needs and arrange supports where they need help.

When the new suites are under construction, will there be any added security on the worksite?

The level of security provided will vary during different stages of construction. Additionally, there will always be a safety fence and gate protecting the construction area.

Will I get the first opportunity to live in one of the new suites?

Our commitment is to our Silvera residents. However, there are many things to consider, including the layouts of the rooms, rental prices, etc.

What is going to happen to the trees and shrubs on site?

For the most part, there will be new landscaping designed and installed to enhance the redevelopment of the site. We will try to protect the foliage wherever possible.

Will we get additional new services?

Silvera is looking at a full breath of services with the construction, as we know they are valuable to our residents.

Are there going to be any renovations made to the existing living areas?

Silvera will address any needs brought forward by residents in its ongoing discussions with Alberta Municipal Affairs (the building owner). Silvera operates the building on behalf of the Province. Any improvements made to the building needs to be approved and funded for by the Province.

Will there be any security camera upgrades with the new site expansion?

Yes. There will be a network of security cameras incorporated into the redevelopment that will provide a thorough coverage of the community.

Will there be better lighting outside and in the parking lot with the new site expansion?

Yes. There will be improved exterior lighting on all of the buildings as well as in the parking lots.

What will happen to the Community Resident Manager?

Silvera will continue to have a Community Resident Manager dedicated to the residents of this community.


Questions regarding the proposed Phase 2 Supportive Living Residence

What is happening currently with this project?

  1. We are working hard to seek Provincial authorization to proceed with the proposed Phase 2.
  2. Once approved, Silvera will have face-to-face meetings with key representatives in the community and will hold an open house in the near future together with the local community executive.

What is the status of the proposed Phase 2?

Preliminary conceptual plans have been prepared and are being reviewed. Once the review has been concluded with the Province we will provide an update of the anticipated unit count and timeline for development and proposed occupancy.

Is there going to be a common kitchen in the new community?

Yes. Current plans include a common kitchen and dining area within the proposed Phase 2. Our hope is that we will be able to provide food services options for the existing manor, as well as to the Phase 1 residents.

What is going to happen to the recreation room space? Will we still have space?

  1. There will be new services and recreational areas constructed as part of the proposed Phase 2. The existing space will not be demolished until the proposed Phase 2 is set to go.
  2. The recreation and service areas within the new space will be there for use by all Gilchrist residents. This will not happen until the proposed Phase 2 has been approved and a construction schedule formalized. We will provide plenty of warning and updates accordingly.


If you have any questions regarding the Gilchrist Site Expansion, please send an email to or fill out a comment card with your contact information so we can respond to your inquiry.


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