Silvera for Seniors

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Celebrating our Donors

Our donors are an important part of our story, they make up the fabric of our programs and they add life to our residents time through generous contributions. They recognize and see the vision in the work we do. We are truly grateful for their time and commitment to making our communities vibrant.

See how our donors are part of our story…

Sam Switzer – a community leader with a heart of gold

Sam SwitzerAs one of Silvera’s biggest supporters and a generous Calgary philanthropist, Sam Switzer wears his heart on sleeve. And while his foundation and financial support may be coming to an end, his impact on the lives of our residents and the services we provide will live on.
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Rotary Club of Calgary



We are grateful for the funding from the Rotary Club of Calgary. With their contribution, we were able to introduce a new exercise program. Our Active Aging team participated in specialized training for older adults, which was delivered by the AFCLA. We were also able to purchase resistance bikes, which we have incorporated into our programming.

Silvera thanks you!


Hillhurst Rebekah Lodge (#116) and Alberta Encampment (#1)

It is because of the Rebekah’s and Oddfellows that our residents are now able to enjoy the gift of music. With their generous donation, we were able to purchase iPods and Bluetooth speakers to benefit our Active Aging programs.


Christmas Fund



Silvera was honoured to be chosen as a recipient in the 2016 Calgary Herald Christmas Fund. Despite the challenging time our city is facing the fund was a huge success, raising $881,522.38 from 2,587 donors. Our share of the proceeds were $80,466.25.


Lorne and Patricia Gordon

Lorne and Patricia Gordon are long-time community builders and ongoing generous supporters of Silvera. They understand the need for affordable housing and believe in the value of a home – at any age. It is because of their ongoing support that we are able to continue our work and mission to meet the growing demand of affordable housing for seniors. Thank you Lorne and Patricia!