Silvera for Seniors

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Silvera Care Days

If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back and team build, consider participating in a  Silvera Cares Day. There are many opportunities beyond the list below that we can customize to give your group an unforgettable experience.

Menu of Opportunities

For the Creative Group

Paint Program

Have you ever participated in a Paint Nite with a group of friends? This is the same thing, only it’s at one of our communities with a group of our residents. We gather a group of residents and a paint facilitator leads the group through the painting of a picture. If you have an artist in your group, we welcome them to lead the group. If you do not, we will provide one. Your team will work alongside our residents to paint and enjoy some social time.

Number of volunteers: 10+

Silvera Drum Circle

A drum circle is an informal gathering of residents who meet for the purpose of playing drums together. Practically anything that can be banged on to make noise can be used as a percussion instrument such as cans, buckets, pipes, etc. There is a facilitator who shapes the experience through discrete actions and ensures everyone is able to participate fully.

Number of volunteers: 5 – 10 volunteers

TimeSlips Creative Writing

TimeSlips is a participatory approach to working with our residents – especially those with dementia. It invites the person with memory loss to be the author of his or her own creative story. In groups, or one-on-one, TimeSlip facilitators work with our residents and record the answers/ information they provide. Volunteers ask open-ended questions based on prompting by using (an object, a question, a song, or an image) that invites imagination, rather than dictate or guide it. Volunteers echo all responses to demonstrate that they are truly hearing every component of the storyteller’s answer, its tone, emotion, pitch, wording, gesture, and facial expression. All responses are recorded and read back as the story builds. It is a simple approach with considerable impact on all of those involved in the process.

Number of volunteers: varies

Seasonal Decorating

Decorating for a holiday is a tradition that many of our residents cherish. Your team would not only come in and work alongside our residents to put up decorations, but would host a tea, or a social activity that turns decorating into a fun experience for our residents.

Number of volunteers: 3 – 8

Horticulture Projects

Horticulture therapy is beneficial and therapeutic for residents of all ages and walks of life. We use horticulture and garden-related activities to enhance the social, emotional and physical well-being of our residents. Your group will work with one of our Active Aging team members to determine a project that fits into the gardening work our residents are participating in. For example, in the spring, you may help start seeds, and in early summer your group can plant the seeds. In summer, your group can work alongside our residents to maintain the gardens and weed them. There are always lots of projects going on to enhance our gardens and engage our residents.

Number of volunteers: 3 – 10

For the Active Group

Floor Curling Tournament

No need to leave the building to participate in a curling bonspiel, all we need is your team to come to us! We have floor curling games that we would use to plan and offer a curling bonspiel. Your team members would act as captains and would lead residents through the rigors of a fun tournament, complete with prizes, additional games and, most importantly, social time with our residents.

Number of volunteers: 4 – 8

Trip to the Bowling Alley

Bowling is truly a game for all age, our residents love to bowl and enjoy the opportunity to leave their community and go play an actual game. Volunteers join them for a bowling game, or three, act as team captains, participate in other fun games (bingo bowling, other bowling games) and have an engaging social visit with our residents.

Number of volunteers: 10 – 15

For the social group


Need we say more? Your team is invited to join us for a BINGO game – or ten! We would build the game around a theme and have extra prizes and games that make for a great time to be had by all!

Number of volunteers: 5+

Building Projects

Paper airplanes, toothpick marshmallow structure, you name it, we can build it! This is not for your average volunteer group, be prepared to come and work with our residents to build interesting projects and put them to the test!

Number of volunteers: 5 – 10

Minute to Win It

Have you seen the popular show and witnessed the competitive spirit and energy that comes from friendly competition? Now, imagine participating in the chaos yourself. Your team would compete with our residents in teams of two to master the skill of Minute-to-Win-it games.

Number of volunteers: 5 – 15


Fishing, ring toss, bean bag toss, horseshoes, cotton candy, mini donut, does this sound like a good way to spend a couple hours? Gather your team to join us for an afternoon carnival in one of our communities. Volunteers facilitate the fun by manning booths, helping with games and acting as concession operators.

Number of volunteers: 15 – 20

Ice Cream Social

For the ice cream lovers on your team, this is a perfect activity! You decide on the format (Ice cream cones, Ice cream sundaes, Ice cream sandwiches) and bring the goods to our community. Your team will host the social and visit with our residents.

Number of volunteers: 6 – 10