Silvera for Seniors

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Resident Support Team

The Resident Support Team is composed of social workers who are ready to provide support when you are faced with difficult situations, emotional stresses, or significant change in your life.

We can help you to cope with the situation at hand, seek out valuable resources and other means of supports as well as advocate for you if needed.  Adjusting to changes can be challenging and we are here to try and make it as smooth as possible.

One of the most common things we do is to link our residents with government programs that they may not realize are out there. These programs can include everything from social services to healthcare providers and/or legal entities.

Some of the things we can support you with, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Financial: making sure you are receiving all benefits you are eligible for, connecting you with resources around managing money, etc.;
  • Medical: connecting you with health supports like foot care or hearing tests; finding adequate care or applying for medical benefits;
  • Emotional or Mental health: supporting you to deal with change, loss or any other challenging event; working with you to support decision-making
  • Social: dealing with loneliness and/or finding social activities, hobbies and opportunities for learning.

Community Connectedness

Our Resident Support Coordinators are there to help you access information on:


Home Care

Family Doctors Accepting New Patients


Other Referrals and Support Services

Need help getting to appointments or shopping? We can help, whether by arranging Access Calgary/Handi-Bus service, escorted transportation, or helping residents obtain Calgary Transit passes.

Silvera’s Community Resource Program received the 2009 Innovation Award for Independent Living from the Alberta Senior Citizens Housing Association.