When you need help, we're here

Our team of registered social workers are here to help all Silvera residents plan for the future and manage unforeseen circumstances. Our Resident Support Coordinators (RSC) can guide you to resources and advocate for you if needed. 

RSCs can also connect you to supports and services you are eligible for and that you can afford. These may be social services, health care or legal resources.

RSCs help residents plan for things such as:

  • Ensuring all eligible benefits are in place
  • Co-creating action plans to address wants and needs
  • Transition planning
  • Identifying and developing coping skills for predictable events
  • Ensuring residents have access to programs and services within their income means
  • Support for end-of-life planning

RSCs also help residents with:

  • Crisis intervention for mental or physical health events
  • Addressing financial and other challenges that put a resident’s tenancy at risk
  • Responding to incident reports with a follow-up action plan
  • Activating and supporting coping strategies for unpredictable life events
  • Referrals to home care and paramedical supports

Need help getting to appointments or shopping? RSCs can also arrange transportation, or get Calgary Transit passes.

Residents or family members may book an appointment with an RSC through their community manager.