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Learn about your options at Silvera.

At Silvera, you have choices. We offer a variety of accommodation types, from apartments to communities with full services and mobility and memory care supports.

Silvera residents are mainly people of modest means who can live independently. They are looking to spend no more than 30 per cent of their income on rent (plus some additional fees for services).

At Westview and Willow Park on the Bow communities, rents and fees are not tied directly to individual income levels but are less than the cost of for-profit alternatives.

Silvera is not a healthcare provider, although home care is delivered daily to many residents by partners, including Alberta Health Services and CBI Health. We don’t offer long-term care or assisted living. All of our Full Services communities have 24/7 non-medical employees on site.

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Housing with Full Services

Housing with Optional Services

Housing with Full Services and Health Supports