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Donating to Silvera

Silvera for Seniors welcomes and appreciates all gifts and we want to make it as easy as possible to give. About 70% of seniors living in Silvera communities have no family support and your gift will help those who need it most. Thank you for helping our seniors maintain their dignity as they age. As a registered charity, Silvera will issue a tax receipt for all eligible donations.

Charitable Registration: 107693913RR0001

Ways to Give Donate Now

Give to a senior this holiday season

Lonely Xmas

Dear Friend of Silvera,

The holidays are a special time of year we share with family and good friends. Together, we look back at the year that was and make wishes for the one ahead.

Yet, each December, Silvera for Seniors knows first-hand that many of our residents spend the season alone — no family, no friends around them. Hardly magical, the holidays become a trigger for depression and sadness for many seniors.

At Silvera, we work hard to make sure this is not the case. Ours is the gift of building a caring community, each and every day of the year.

Marilyn James is no longer alone. After her husband passed away, she spent 15 months living on her own in a mobile home on the outskirts of Calgary. “I tried talking to the walls, and I said I don’t care if I live or die,” she recalls.

Last year, Marilyn moved into Silvera’s Shouldice Community, one of the 26 affordable housing communities Silvera operates. For Marilyn, it was like a different world with people to talk to — a social circle of neighbours, and staff that show they care.

“I feel happy here. Everyone says hello, how are you doing today? I’m not alone,” she says.

While Marilyn has saved up enough to visit her sisters in Ottawa this Christmas — their first holiday reunion in years — many seniors would be completely alone this season if not for the caring they find at Silvera.

Before moving to Silvera, Marilyn says she’d given up on life. Today, she embraces it.

“My life is 100% better now. This is my home. My husband and I were married for 56 years — and I am carrying on for him.I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live.”

As a charity, Silvera depends on donations and volunteers to make it great to be a senior in Calgary.

The magic of Christmas is about caring. Please consider a donation to Silvera as part of your holiday gift-giving this year and show you care about seniors.

Donate To Silvera

Support seniors this Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Dear Silvera Supporter,

Each November brings back memories of a time in my life where I was fighting for something bigger than any of us. We all were. Many of us veterans of Second World War are well into our “silver era.”Some of us are now living in Silvera communities.

Each year at this time, when the poppies appear, I think back. I know that what we sacrificed in our youth was more than worth it, even though it cost me my hearing. Like the other guys and gals who served with me, after the war, we carried on with our lives. We worked hard, paid our bills and raised our kids.

My wife passed away and my kids are not in Calgary anymore. They try to stay in touch, but are so busy with work and kids of their own. I don’t want to burden them. When I was living on my own, they came to visit and found out that I was living on tea and toast. It is just too hard to go to the grocery store and the stairs in the house were just too much for me to manage. And I wasn’t getting my laundry done. It was a difficult choice to make, and I didn’t want to move at first, but my family told me about Silvera for Seniors. And I think it was the right choice to move.

I’m happy living in a Silvera community, knowing that the staff and volunteers do all they can to make us comfortable and enjoy life. Some of my Silvera neighbours are not so lucky. Many don’t have enough money for all these extras at the end of the month. I don’t have much myself, but I’m happy to help them out when I can.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

A generation of men and women fought for what we so often take for granted today – a strong and free Canada.

Some of them aren’t doing so well now.

If you can find it in your heart to honour us this Remembrance Day with a donation to Silvera, it would mean a lot to me, and to them.

Remembrance Day is about thinking back to our past and honouring those who helped build this great country we enjoy today. Silvera staff and volunteers do that every single day.

Please consider helping Silvera to do even more to honour our seniors on this Remembrance Day and the rest of the year.

With respect,



p.s. A $50 donation to Silvera means we can offer more programs and services to keep seniors healthy and active.

p.p.s. Signing up as a monthly donor helps Silvera to plan more easily for the future in order to help seniors enjoy life to the fullest.

Donate To Silvera


They built our community: Community Builder Campaign

Seniors are the foundation of our community. They are the teachers, construction workers, nurses, police, cooks and waitresses who have built our city by serving and teaching others, keeping us safe and creating the roads, buildings and amenities we all enjoy today.

Your parents, grandparents, aging friends and neighbours volunteered at local charities, hospitals and libraries, helping out those in need whenever – and however – they could. Many of them still give their time today.

Today, these same seniors need our help. They’ve worked hard all their life, but many had low-paying jobs without pensions. Others experienced life changes —such as the death of a spouse or a serious illness—that depleted their savings. And there are some who simply never could do more than make ends meet as they raised their families.

Now it’s our turn to give back

Betty Jean

Betty Jean cared for thousands of Calgarians who needed a compassionate and competent nurse. Now it’s our turn to show compassion and care for her

That’s where Silvera for Seniors comes in. We are a registered charity that provides provide affordable, safe and accessible homes for lower-income seniors. More importantly, we give them a home, community and family.

But with more Silvera can do more. That’s why we need your help. Your donation will help Silvera provide more programs that will help our residents age well and reach their best potential. Many of our seniors do not have enough money or families who can help them to buy the things like medications, incontinence supplies or glasses. It is hard for them to ask for help, so we are asking on their behalf.

Please give to our Community Builders campaign and show our seniors how much we appreciate their hard work and generosity in building Calgary’s community. You can give online today or mail us a cheque to 804, 7015 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2K6. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pamila Fonseka at 403.567.5311.

Donate To Silvera


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