We love pets too!

Research shows pet ownership has positive impacts on our physical and mental health. Silvera recently began welcoming pets as residents in some of our communities. 

Shouldice and Westview communities welcome new human residents who have small, well-behaved, long-term cats and dogs. These communities have large green spaces and easy outdoor access.  

Residents with pets live in designated hallways, which minimizes allergies and ensures neighbours are on-board with having animals nearby.

Our pet residents guidelines:

• Cats or small dogs only, one per suite
• Pets must be a minimum of three years of age, and owned by the resident for at least three years (this demonstrates an established relationship and pattern of pet behaviour)
• Pets must be licensed per municipal bylaw, with current vaccinations and be spayed or neutered
• Pet deposits are required

Cat Rooms

Silvera offers special designated rooms for foster cats from the Calgary Humane Society. Foster cats live with us until they are adopted. Residents can watch the foster cat through a window or book time in the cat room to enjoy a visit with a furry friend. The Humane Society provides food and medical care for these special four-legged residents.

Animal visits and pet therapy

Silvera has always welcomed pet visitors and we often engage with community partners to provide pet therapy. These partners bring in pets at scheduled times for residents to visit. Residents should watch their community calendars for scheduled pet visitation times.