Reports and Publications

Strategic Plan: 2021 to 2026

This is Silvera’s five-year strategic plan.

Reports to the Community

The following Reports to the Community serve as high-level summaries of Silvera’s activities over the previous year and some of its plans for the year ahead.

2023 Report to the Community

Celebrating what happened over the previous 2023 year.

2022 Report to the Community

Celebrating our journey. Our 60-year milestone, our newest buildings and making it through the pandemic.

2021 Report to the Community

Celebrating what happened over the previous year, what's happening now and what's to come.

Financial Statements

Silvera relies on funding to ensure independent older adults have access to safe and affordable housing. One of our values is accountability. To that end, Silvera provides its financial statements here for the review of existing and potential partners.

2023 Financial Statements

2022 Financial Statements

2021 Financial Statements

2020 Financial Statements

Case for Support and Consider Silvera

Potential contributors to Silvera’s success are encouraged to review the organization’s Case for Support. Potential residents will have many of their questions answered through our Consider Silvera brochure.

Case for support

Let's assure Calgary seniors together: There will be an affordable home with proper service support for you.

Consider Silvera

Building on nearly 60 years. Adapting to meet future needs.

Resources for seniors

Resources and guides to help seniors support themselves and live their best lives.

Self-Serve Resource Guide

No-cost or low-cost services to help support seniors in Calgary.

Understanding the Landscape of Seniors Housing in Calgary

On April 27, 2024, Silvera CEO Arlene Adamson delivered the following presentation to Unison at Kerby Seniors' Expo 2024.