Our newest Silvera property, Livingston Terrace Apartments, opened on May 1, 2024. Livingston Terrace Apartments is a pet-friendly, independent living building.

This building was made possible through the Federal Government’s Rapid Housing 2.0 Initiative and included funding from the Alberta Government, City of Calgary, Brookfield Residential and Silvera.

Phase 1 is now open. Phase 2 is expected to proceed at some point in the future after the funding is in place. Livingston is at 149 Livingston Hill NE.

About Livingston Terrace

Livingston Terrace Apartments consists primarily of one-bedroom apartments with full kitchens and in-suite laundry. There are also one-bedroom units with a den and suites with two bedrooms, including some that are wheelchair accessible. The building contains 47 affordable suites for seniors. The first phase open on May 1, 2024 when nine residents moved into the building.

The Future of Livingston: Phase 2

Contact Us

If you’re interested in more information about living in the new Livingston Terrace Apartments please, contact our Community Living team.

[email protected]