What’s Happening

In the first phase of development, we bulit a four storey building based on the conceptual devleopment vision below. This pet-friendly, independent living building offers 47 units, including 35 units where rent is geared to income and 12 units fixed at a percentage below the average market rent.

This project is intended to help meet the demand for affordable, independent living.

Conceptual Development Vision

Shadow Study

Note: Sun shadow studies and diagrams are created using industry-standard modeling practices to help illustrate how the sun moves across a study area, and estimate the potential shadows that could be cast by a proposed development upon the existing surrounding context. The results of sun shadow studies are conceptual in nature and represent an interpretation of proposed architectural design, surrounding built form and natural features. Simulated dates and times are based on established City of Calgary requirements.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in more information about living in the new Livingston Terrace Apartments please, contact our Community Living team.

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