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Our CEO Lives Like a Senior for a Day

June 1, 2015 by Silvera

Today is the beginning of Seniors’ Week in Alberta and a time to raise awareness about the issues, challenges and topics that are impacting seniors in our community. Our CEO Arlene Adamson is discovering what it is like to be a senior in Calgary by sleeping overnight in our Aspen community tonight. Arlene will be tweeting and posting throughout the day as she hosts a coffee conversation this afternoon with our Aspen residents and participates in activities and dinner and stays overnight.
“It’s important to understand what life is like for seniors so that we can bring awareness to the barriers they face and advocate on their behalf,” Arlene says. “I hope to bring attention to the issues that are on their mind, as well as share a personal account of what it is like to live in a Silvera community.”
Seniors and families often struggle with knowing when it is the right time to move into independent or supportive living, and what to expect from congregate living. The move from their own home to a seniors housing is a big step, but it is often one that provides greater freedom and independence because of the supports and resources that are available to improve overall quality of life.
Arlene’s personal account will spotlight life as a Silvera senior. Make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter today, and please join in the conversation! Check back later this week for another blog post from Arlene about her experience.