Aging is another word for living

Residents at our full-service communities are offered a variety of Life, Learning and Leisure programs.

Life, Learning and Leisure

Our Life, Learning and Leisure programs help residents to maintain their health – physically, socially and cognitively. We consult current academic research, evidence-based practices and the needs and interests of residents to offer programs across these six dimensions of wellness:

1. Physical: daily fitness programs, healthy eating habits, management of minor illness;
2. Social: contributing to your environment and community; interdependence with others and nature;
3. Intellectual: expanding knowledge and skills through lifelong learning and cultural events;
4. Emotional: awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings;
5. Spiritual: making meaning of life and finding purpose in human existence;
6. Occupational: satisfaction and enrichment through meaningful work.

Programs may be led by visiting experts, Silvera staff and residents. Options for self-directed or resident organized activities are also promoted on the Community Calendars. Programs are hosted on-site, in the neighbourhood, and in locations across Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Opportunities to maintain health and independence

Silvera’s Life, Learning and Leisure opportunities are captured within Silvera’s Signature Programs of Silvera Artist, Silvera Athlete and Silvera Scholar.

Silvera Artist

• Group singing, music lessons, painting and drawing, acting groups, talent shows;
• Volunteer knitting and stitching for charity;
• Woodworking, sewing, photography and filming

Silvera Athlete

    • Walking programs, aquafit, cycling, dance fitness;
    • Outdoor sports such as basketball, snowshoeing, croquet;
    • Indoor sports such as floor curling, bowling, floor hockey.

    Silvera Scholar

      • Health education sessions, writing classes, novel and short story studies;
      • Trivia, geography, history, current events;
      • Online classes, technology sessions, lecture series.

      Community social events, celebrations and commemorative occasions bring residents and employees together. Resident feedback through comment cards, focus groups and annual surveys continues to inform new programs and opportunities through co-creation.