New dinnerware helps Silvera residents with dementia, sight loss and dexterity issues

11 February 2022

Studies show that people living with memory or sight loss can have difficulty distinguishing contrast. Starting with residents in Silvera’s early stage memory care program at Beaverdam, we’re introducing dinnerware with these specific challenges in mind.


A well-known study from Boston University found Alzheimer’s patients using red plates consumed 24 per cent more food and 84 per cent more liquid than those using white plates. High-contrast colours help users distinguish food from tableware and stimulate appetite. Our new plates have a blue rim for colour and contrast and deeper rims to assist with picking up food from the plate. Coffee mugs offer a wider finger grip and water glasses have an added rim for grip and ease of use.

This type of dinnerware helps residents to continue to eat independently and helps make for a more dignified and enjoyable dining experience.

We look forward to introducing the new dinnerware in Aspen and some of our other EnhancedServices communities in the next few months.

Shown here is a beautiful New Year’s Day lobster lunch served on the new plates.