Aspen BFFs make a book

7 May 2021

Some of us made bread during the pandemic. Helen and Thelma made a book.

A few years ago, these two vibrant women met at Aspen. They have become best friends; one thing they share in common is a love for writing. Their pandemic time was used to produce a 74-page pictorial history book.

Helen used to live in North Central B.C., and previously self-published a book about her experiences. Every evening for a year, Helen and Thelma sorted through hundreds of photos. Helen told stories, Thelma typed them on her computer, and the two designed it under Thelma’s guidance. The book is called The Way It Was: The History of North Central British Columbia. It’s now available to buy directly from Thelma and Helen.

Their achievement was recently recognized in Alberta Prime Times, a monthly publication for 50+ Albertans. The article also looks at their friendship, and is a heartwarming read.

“We were saying just the other night –isn’t it strange we two end up being the best friends we’ve ever had. It’s kind of surprised us,” says Thelma.

We love that Silvera residents share their rich lives with our communities!