Bev Yuill, Silvera Diamond

17 May 2023

In recognition and celebration of our 60th anniversary, Silvera interviewed a variety of individuals to learn more about the remarkable people who make up and contribute to our organization – employees, residents, board members, donors, volunteers, and more. These individuals are true “Silvera Diamonds” – as strong and resilient as our organization over the past six decades. Thank you to each of you who help to make us what we are. Here’s to another 60 years!

It’s not every day a former employee moves into a Silvera building, but Bev Yuill, who worked for MCF {Silvera’s predecessor} for 15 years, did just that last year when she found her new home at Westview.

“I was a receptionist with MCF, keeping resident records for many years. When records went digital, I worked with IT people to help them understand our processes,” Bev recalls.

After retiring from the organization at 65, Bev bought a condo in downtown Calgary and enjoyed travelling and downtown living.

Nearly 20 years later, she had a health episode that made her decide she should consider a supportive living community.

“I didn’t think it was wise to live completely alone anymore, and I didn’t want my daughter to have to make a decision about where I should go, so I decided to start looking for housing,” she says.

She toured a few different residences before seeing an ad on television for Westview Town Suites. She decided she should consider looking at it as an option for her future home.

“It was the most beautiful fall day when we did a walk-through and viewed suites,” she says. “On the way back to my apartment I decided to move into Westview. I made a deposit that day. I love the bright, beautiful atrium, it’s the most fantastic area in the whole building.”

Bev enjoys staying active and busy. She regularly takes part in yoga classes and does other exercises each morning to stay flexible.

She loves her bright new apartment. “I’ve put up photos on the walls and it really feels like home. I’m very happy here now, it’s like I’ve fallen in a bed of clover!