CEO sleepover is a demonstration of Silvera’s value of trust 

6 June 2023

“I’ll see you at breakfast!”  After a break during COVID, a staple of Seniors’ Week at Silvera is back by popular demand – the CEO Sleepover. This year, CEO Arlene Adamson packed her PJs and toothbrush and headed off to spend the evening and overnight with the residents who call Westview Town Suites home.  

The “why” she does this is simple and touches the two most important groups in Silvera – residents and employees.

Spending time with residents in their homes reflects Arlene’s authentic leadership. She truly wants to be in their space, eating what they’re eating, playing a card game or two, having a cup of tea and socializing. She says there is no better reaction than when she says to a resident, “Good night, sleep well – I’ll see you at breakfast.” 

Once the residents are tucked away for the night, the real work begins as Arlene joins the staff team to prepare meals, scrub toilets, vacuum, change lightbulbs and handle any other nightly duties. In fact, Arlene is known amongst her Silvera colleagues for sharing helpful hints she learns during her nightly chores, such as why making the bed from the side is more efficient than doing so from the end and how to use a pumice stone to remove soap scum from a toilet.  

Arlene is steadfast in her belief that Silvera staff work hard for our residents – in big and small ways. Silvera’s purpose of “live your best life” happens at every touch point in the organization. It is about making sure we do not just provide a roof over a senior’s head, but that roof and all the walls make a home. It is about building trust with residents, their families, our employees and Calgarians.  

When she woke up this morning, Arlene was reminded that Silvera is a great place to age and call home. It is a place Calgarians can trust as we stand behind what we offer. This is a guarantee – she knows it firsthand.