On the menu at Westview: a chalk art bistro

31 March 2023

When you hear the words “chalk art”, you may think of children’s colourful scrawls on summer sidewalks.

However, chalk art has gone upscale, and a new bistro has been created out of chalk and a bit of inspiration at Silvera’s Westview Town Suites in the city’s southwest.

“We wanted to create a bistro-feel in a corner of the atrium, and one of our team members suggested a Paris theme,” says Carrie Larose, the senior manager for Silvera’s mixed‑market portfolio. “We contacted Shawn Smith, a chalk artist from Calgary, and he took it from there.”

The updated space evokes a feeling of a cozy Paris boulangerie (bakery), complete with hand-drawn panelled walls, exposed brick, arched windows, a striped awning, and a street lamp!

“The chalk makes it simple to change out the menu items on offer each day, and the theme can be updated depending on the season,” says Carrie.

Residents and their guests now enjoy relaxing with their croissants, pastries and cafés au lait in Westview’s sunny, new Parisian bistro. Feel free to stop and check it out when you’re in the neighbourhood!

Vive la France!