Nearly all Silvera employees fully vaccinated

14 October 2021

We’re happy to report that 95% of Silvera employees are fully vaccinated, and this number is still climbing. This response speaks to the commitment of Silvera employees to protect the health and safety of residents, themselves and their families. 

All new employees be vaccinated for COVID-19 as a condition of hire. Existing employees who choose not to be vaccinated for valid reasons will be unable to pick up shifts in an outbreak community and put on unpaid leave of absence for the duration of the outbreak.

This video celebrates our employees’ and residents’ efforts through the past year, encourages everyone to get vaccinated, and reminds us all to continue being cautious. It’s a conversation led by Olivia Chubey, Chief Service and Operations Officer, with Sandi Montford, Aspen Community Manager, and Carolyn MacEachern, Housekeeping Manager. 

Let’s keep our communities free of this virus and its variants. 

We know that even after a person has been vaccinated, they can still carry the virus and be contagious. Please continue exercising caution and being vigilant.

And if you haven’t already been vaccinated against COVID-19, please do so at your earliest opportunity. It’s important to keep ourselves and others in our communities healthy and safe. Receiving the vaccine is not a guarantee you won’t get the virus or a variant, but even a first dose lessens the severity of symptoms should someone contract it.