Silvera artists display works at Rocky Ridge YMCA

9 June 2022

On Tuesday, June 7, to help kick off Seniors’ Week, several Silvera residents and employees attended a showing of resident art at the Rocky Ridge YMCA.

A private reception provided an opportunity for 10 Spruce and Aspen residents to display the art they created during a 12-session art program this spring, specifically designed for older adults by the YMCA.

Residents at Aspen and Spruce committed to attending the 12 lessons, once per week. YMCA Art Program Leaders, Spruce and Aspen employees and resident artists were creative and flexible as they navigated outbreaks and weather challenges during the program. “It was an amazing collaborative effort,” says Barbara Hagen, senior manager, Impact & Innovation.

Residents were excited to see their artworks displayed professionally and to share their creations with others.

  • “This was a really important day and one that I will never forget.”
  • “I have always been jealous of seniors who have art framed on their walls and who can say ‘I did that.’ Well, now that can be me!”
  • “I looked at a painting and loved it because it was bright and cheery, then looked at the name and realized it was mine!”
  • “I can’t believe they did all of this for us!”
  • “I hated that picture when I made it, but it looks so nice framed!”
  • “This is the first time I have ever attempted to paint; now I am going to keep going with it.”

The art show will remain open to the public (free of charge) at the Rocky Ridge YMCA through the end of July.

Silvera secured a private donor to fund this first effort as a pilot project through the Silvera Artist program, which:

  • Supports current artists to engage in meaningful program experiences to practice their art and have an opportunity to expand their skills
  • Supports new and aspiring artists to learn from experts and have the opportunity to try new mediums and techniques to produce art
  • Connects Silvera residents to a great community partner
  • Introduces community partners to Silvera residents
  • Challenges stereotypes of what older adults are capable of accomplishing
  • Supports resident independence, quality of life, sense of purpose and fulfillment

Silvera is seeking donors/sponsors/partners to continue to offer this and programs featuring other forms of art. If you’re interested in partnering with us on such a program, please contact Barbara Hagen, [email protected].