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Silvera: A trusted leader, accountable partner and champion for seniors

Silvera is recognized as a trusted leader and a strong advocate for subsidized and near market-priced housing on behalf of older Calgarians. We are known across our sector as a champion for safe, affordable housing and services for independent older adults.  

We’re an accountable partner with the City of Calgary and Government of Alberta, who provide 30 per cent of our revenue.

We provide policy input with all levels of government and tirelessly advocate for capital funding to deliver new housing. We work hard to ensure affordable, accessible programs and services for seniors are a priority for all governments.

Our passionate and collaborative leaders work with housing organizations in Calgary and senior housing providers throughout Alberta about issues that matter to seniors.

Silvera’s CEO, Arlene Adamson, is president of the Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association, a member driven, industry association that advocates on behalf of seniors and community housing providers, and those they serve.

Our 11-person governance Board of Directors of voluntary community leaders guides our long-term strategic direction.

Silvera also has strong connections to our community volunteers and donors. We appreciate their ongoing support and enthusiasm for helping us deliver accommodation and services to older Calgarians.


Innovation paves the way

Silvera’s research program began in January 2020. Our findings provide residents and employees with innovative, fulfilling experiences and opportunities.

We’re one of the few seniors housing providers with a dedicated research program, which has two goals:

  • Provide a positive, evidence-based direction for Silvera’s programming for residents. This includes evaluating and validating existing programming.
  • Improve residents’ quality of life through mobilized research and evaluation findings.

We’re currently partnered with several post-secondary institutions (University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and SAIT). Together, we’re conducting research that has real-world impacts for residents and employees.

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