Community Building Fund

Community Building Fund

Silvera works with all orders of government to ensure our buildings are maintained and safe and that we are growing our affordable housing portfolio for seniors to meet the need in our community. Community contributions to our capital priorities allow Silvera to strategically allocate and maximize available government funding.

Property Enhancement Program

This program provides the “extras” that are not typically funded through our government partners.

Affordable Housing Capital Program

Silvera is committed to increasing the number of affordable housing units available to seniors in Calgary. Government programs that fund the construction of affordable housing typically require community investment and contribution to projects. Silvera strategically leverages its available internal funds to partner with all orders of government to get projects built. This program enhances Silvera’s ability to access the necessary funding to move forward its Capital Growth Plan.

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Silvera Cares Fund

Ensures residents have what they need when their finances can’t quite stretch to cover unexpected expenses. The fund also supports initiatives that celebrate our residents and promote positive mental well-being.

Innovation Fund

Silvera is one of the few seniors housing providers with a dedicated research program. We strive to break from any conventional thought or practice that is not helpful to us, and continually seek new ways of doing things. Innovation is one of our organizational values!