Terry Wong

City Councillor

Terry Wong was sworn in as Ward 7 City Councillor on October 25th, 2021. He returned to The City after a seven-year departure to pursue community, business and private ventures.

He had a 30-year career in management and as a manager at The City (1984-2014) and earlier on Terry had a five-year health/hospital management system professional career (1979-1984) working to bring new technologies and information systems into B.C. and Alberta hospitals.

Through recent years, Terry has been an opponent to ethnic and cultural racism; an advocate for multi-cultural respect through acts of community contribution; a proponent of a more equitable and just society through inclusion; and finally, a builder of strong communities through learning, not erased, history.

As city councillor of Ward 7 communities, Terry Wong sits on many Council Committees, Board and Commissions, including that of Silvera for Seniors.