Housing – Accommodation Only

Silvera’s accommodation-only buildings offer advantages for older people who wish to remain living on their own, fully independently, and require rent that is calculated based on their income.

Our accommodation-only communities are self-contained apartments, townhouses and cottages. Located in mature neighbourhoods throughout Calgary, these communities feature mainly one-bedroom suites, and studios. All suites have full kitchens. Silvera communities are close to amenities and transit.


Our apartments and townhouses might be right for you if:

  • Your income is low or moderate
  • You can independently meet your daily needs (e.g.  shopping, cooking, cleaning)
  • You have scheduled home care or other community supports in place
  • You want 24-hour maintenance on-call
  • You wish to have access to community administration and a resident support team

These accommodations are not right for you if:

  • Your income exceeds the identified income threshold
  • You cannot manage the tasks of daily life on your own
  • You would not be able to manage emergency evacuation on your own
  • You need or would like services and supports such as daily meals and housekeeping

Rents and fees

  • Rent: 30 per cent of your annual income. Total annual income is on line 15000 of your most recent Notice of Assessment.
  • Service fees and utilities: There are no service fees for our accommodation-only communities. Utilities are $50 per month.
  • Ancillary fees: If used, fees are charged for optional internet and parking (subject to availability).

The average income of residents in Silvera’s accommodation-only communities is $1,850 monthly. If your income is more or less than this, you may still qualify to live at Silvera.

Silvera offers fixed-rate units at our Gilchrist Gardens and Willow Park on the Bow communities.

Willow Park on the Bow

Willow Park on the Bow fixed rates, as at Oct. 1, 2020

  • WPOTB has 130 one-bedroom suites (17 barrier-free) with a fixed rent of $1,110 per month and 20 two-bedroom suites with a fixed rent of $1,310 per month.
  • Rent includes six meals per month, cable and internet. Residents pay separately for electricity.
  • Features a media room, common areas, activity spaces

Gilchrist Gardens

Gilchrist Gardens fixed rates, as at Oct. 1, 2020

  • Gilchrist Gardens has 23 suites with a fixed monthly rent of $1,000 (three of which are barrier free), four suites with a fixed monthly rent of $1,190, and 34 rent-geared-to-income suites (some of which are barrier free).
  • Rent includes basic cable and utilities.


Some of Silvera’s accommodation-only communities have a waitlist.

Our waitlists consider an individual’s needs and priorities. An applicant’s position on the list:

  • Can change based on their needs and priorities and how those compare to other applicants.
  • May not determine how quickly they get housing.

Silvera follows a process established by the Government of Alberta to ensure fair access to affordable housing. If an applicant’s circumstances change, we are happy to re-evaluate their application and alter their position on our waitlist accordingly.