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Provincial Election 2015

April 23, 2015 by Silvera

The provincial election race is on, and Silvera for Seniors is inviting all candidates to visit our communities and meet our residents.

Many candidates have already visited our communities or are scheduled to do so in the coming weeks.

There are four specific areas Silvera would like candidates to focus on in their platforms as they relate to Alberta Seniors Lodge program:

1. In the short-term (five to ten years) invest in maintenance and capital upgrades in the lodges that are past their lifespans, starting with the implementation of fire safety upgrades. In the longer term, repurpose these older buildings to meet the changing needs of our aging population (e.g. build more memory care facilities);
2. Partner with Silvera for Seniors to build new affordable Supportive Living communities in Calgary that are vibrant and integrated into the larger community;
3. Increase homecare support for residents living in lodges understanding the average age of our residents is 84 years and they face a growing complexity of issues, as a consequence there are new demands and challenges facing our staff and services. This investment will also help to prevent seniors living in hospitals; and
4. Increase monthly financial supports to all low-income seniors.

Be sure to vote for candidates who have seniors on their agenda!


Letter for all candidates running in Calgary ridings.