Fresh Ingredients, Varied Menus and Meals Shared With Friends

Dining Services Calgary

Dining services calgory’a residents at our full-service communities choose from a variety of nutritious meals and snacks prepared by trained, Red Seal-designated chefs and served by cheerful dining attendants. Silvera follow the Canada Food Guide recommendations for adults over the age of 55.

Rotating Menus And Special Events Mean There’s Always Something New to Try

Menus are on a four-week rotation in each community. Twice a year, menus shift to reflect the changing seasons – bright and fresh for Spring/Summer and heartier comfort dishes for Fall/Winter. Where possible, we source local ingredients and accommodate special diets. 

Seasonal dinners and events help residents celebrate holidays and other special occasions. We also showcase international menus throughout the year, celebrating the food, traditions, and trivia of each featured country.

Menus are Resident Tested and Dietician Approved

Twice annually, volunteer resident test groups try new meal plans and offer feedback on the creations as part of new menu development. All menus are reviewed and approved by registered dieticians.

Sharing Meals Together

Residents meet and eat in common dining rooms. In some of our larger communities, residents may choose from a few different dining locations.

Join us for a meal and experience what Silvera has to offer!