Keeping Resident Spaces Clean, Safe And Healthy

Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping is an important service provided at our full-service communities. Suites are cleaned weekly and our housekeeping team is available on-call to help out when needs arise. Once each year we provide a thorough deep clean for all resident suites. 

Extra Efforts in Response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 and to help ensure the safety of our residents, employees, and visitors, Silvera has closely followed public health orders and applied them to our housekeeping processes and standards.

We use a three-step disinfection process for high-touch surfaces, as well as a two-step process for low-touch surfaces. And each day we use Clorox Total 360 machines – an electrostatic applicator that electrically charges disinfectant to clean all sides of common-touch surfaces – at our full-service communities, and as needed at our independent communities.

Laundry Services

Supportive living residents also benefit from linens and towel laundry services. All full-service communities, and many of our housing-only accommodations, have shared laundry facilities.