Housing with Full Services

Allow Silvera to take care of some of the tasks in life for you.

Our nine buildings with housring Full Services are non-medical communities that allow residents to connect with others in a friendly social setting while enjoying:

  • Three daily meals and snacks
  • Weekly housekeeping, including linens
  • Life, Learning & Leisure programs
  • Access to our Resident Support Coordinator program (social workers)
  • Call bell systems in suites
  • 24/7 maintenance on-call
  • 24/7 non-medical employees on-site

Eight of our nine Full Services communities – large and small, and located in all quadrants of Calgary – feature subsidized rents based on your income.

Our Westview community, in the neighborhood of Glamorgan in southwest Calgary, offers newly renovated suites at rates competitive with for-profit settings and amenities. Westview does not offer subsidized rent.

Barrier-free suites are available in some locations, including a mobility support wing at our Shawnessy community. Early-stage memory care for mild to moderate memory loss is available at our Beaverdam community.

You may be eligible to live in a Silvera community if:

  • You can manage most or many daily tasks independently, arrange, manage and direct your own care and be responsible for decisions about day-to-day activities.
  • You are 65 years of age or older. (Applicants under 65 years of age may qualify for some communities. In instances where couples are applying, one person must be 65 years of age or older, and his or her partner should be at least 60 years of age.)
  • You are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant).
  • You have lived in Canada for a minimum of 10 consecutive years (applies to most communities).
  • (With the exception of Westview) your income is below the annual threshold set by the Government of Alberta.

All residents in Silvera’s Full Services communities operate with a rent-plus-service package model. Service packages are mandatory. Pricing is based on suite and community amenities and services.

Note: Provincial government regulations stipulate that individuals must have a minimum of $322 in disposable income remaining after paying rent.

Full Services Communities

Right for you if:

  • You would like community living
  • You would like daily dining, weekly housekeeping, learning, and leisure programs
  • You can manage your daily needs
  • You may have scheduled home care or other supports in place
  • You would like 24-hour non-medical employees on site
  • You are comfortable with studio suites, single or double/couple rooms

Not right for you if:

  • You would like to have your own kitchen
  • You have health needs that require medical employees on site