Silvera for Seniors

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CEO and Board of Directors

Meet our CEO

Arlene Adamson is CEO of Silvera for Seniors, Alberta’s second-largest provider of affordable housing with a range of supportive services to lower-income seniors.

Located in Calgary, Adamson leads a caring, dynamic team of more than 300 employees who serve 1,600 seniors each year.

Together, the people of Silvera share a mandate to deliver quality and excellence in creating homes and providing services for seniors that is affordable. Silvera does this while continuing to build new communities where seniors are able to live in vibrant and integrated environments. The ultimate goal of the organization is to “make it great to be senior in Calgary.”

Adamson is a Chartered Housing Professional, CIHCM, and her background in the not-for-profit sector spans 25 years in various organizations. As a passionate champion for the needs of seniors and the senior-serving sector, Adamson is committed to ensuring seniors have the supports they need to live with purpose and dignity.

What sets her apart is her business approach to operations, facilitating best practice and service excellence while building financial sustainability in order to move Silvera’s work forward in serving the community.

Adamson is pleased to participate as Vice-President, South Region on the ASCHA (Alberta Seniors Communities & Housing Association) Provincial Board, working hard to represent and support the work of ASCHA and the needs of senior housing providers across the public not-for-profit, private not-for-profit, and private for-profit housing sector.

Adamson proudly represents Silvera as one of nine partners in the RESOLVE Collaborative Capital Campaign, which will lead the way to build affordable homes for 3,000 Calgarians.

Meet the members of our Board.

Thanks to each of them for their time and talents.

    • Kelly Ogle, Chair
    • Judy MacLachlan, Vice-Chair
    • Doug Ng, Treasurer
    • Ward Sutherland, Director, City Councillor
    • Sarah Woodgate, Director, City of Calgary
    • Lorraine Venturato, Director
    • Rob Easson, Director
    • Randy Carson, Director